Whether analysing tensile specimens due to failure or training with
NDT techniques, Triton Tooling can prepare specimens for both

Materials testing is often required to ensure that products and their component parts can perform for their intended use and endure for their expected life. Various material testing services also provide information that is useful when investigating the root cause of material failure during a failure analysis.

Capable of handling large parts, Triton Tooling is able to prepare supplied materials, into tensile and charpy specimens ready for testing

We can also EDM (Electrical discharge machining) artificial notches into supplied material ready for NDT (Non-destructive testing) training.

Destructive Testing

Supported by a well-equipped, dedicated machine shop for manufacture of:

  • Tensile Specimen

  • Charpy Specimen and notching

Working closely with customers, Triton Tooling is capable of extracting test specimens from particular parts of the material, meaning that the specimens produced give the best analysis possible.

Test specimen nomenclature

Various shoulder styles for tensile specimens. Keys A through C are for round specimens, whereas keys D and E are for flat specimens. Key:

A. A threaded shoulder for use with a threaded grip

B. A round shoulder for use with serrated grips

C. A butt end shoulder for use with a split collar

D. A flat shoulder for used with serrated grips

E. A flat shoulder with a through hole for a pinned grip

NDT (Non Destructive Testing)

Using CNC profiling and EDM we are able to machine starter notches for fracture testing and defects for NDT (Non Destructive Testing) training.

Using electrodes as small as 0.1mm thick, we are able to create artificial notches 0.25mm thick.