FSW Example


Energy Efficient, Easily Automated

We work closely with a variety of clients in the Friction Stir Welding industry, including TWI Ltd, to provide bespoke FSW tooling to worldwide customers. Our customer base includes clients from industry leaders as well as universities and research companies. We were also one of the original members of the Eurostir project.

We are able to manufacture FSW tooling to either a clients design or work to develop a tool specific to the customers needs. We have the flexibility to produce either prototypes or volume production of tools for joining non-ferrous materials such as copper and aluminium.

The high-strength low-distortion body of Hitachi's A-train British Rail Class 395 is friction stir welded from longitudinal aluminium extrusions

Triton Tooling is a consortium member of the
Mobi-Weld project.    http://www.mobiweld.eu

← Example of Friction Stir Welding and subsequent machining of a heat exchanger, by Bosch Worcester.